Sales & Marketing


Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

In an increasing competitive market, this is an area that is considered crucial to maintain and increase clients’ market share in represented trade lines.

The local sales and marketing activity is overseen by our General Manager, in conjunction with the Commercial Manager, ensuring our (principal and agents) marketing exposure is set at the appropriate level for the market. Marketing activities are agreed with our clients on a case by case basis and may include:

Advertising in national trade and appropriate local press mediums.
Product branding.
Corporate entertainment (promote client loyalty along with new target clients).
Local sponsorship, where appropriate.
Participation in trade events.

Functions covered by our administrator staff include:

  • Preparation and checking of disbursement accounts and final bills, invoicing on behalf of clients, together with reporting of demurrage receipts in a monthly statement of accounts.
  • Provision of regular updates regarding potential cargo claims.
  • Obtaining visas required by crews and visitors requiring entry into Nigeria.
  • Providing all vessels with the local certificates that are required to enable them to operate in Nigerian Waters.


At SMLS we run an automated reporting system whereby we keep our client abreast of clearing proceedings and progress of their shipment without the client calling. This is viewed as a matter of serious policy in the company not to hoard situation reports to clients.

Ultimately your success is our joy……..

And the ultimate outcome!

The unpredictable and often difficult circumstances of operating in Nigeria provide a very challenging environment and experience in dealing with the local ports and government authorities which is very essential.

It is our belief that as a new name in the market, but with experienced players, SMLS has the flexibility, experience and drives to deliver a value added service that reflects on our client’s product values and in turn enhance their image in the market target.

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