Vessel Management

Ship Agency

We act as ship agents and thus representing owners/charterers for any range of ships or vessels calling particularly at Nigerian ports. Our services are available 24hours a day, even when the ports are not open and meet the highest international standards. Our team will work closely with our clients to liaise with stevedores, shippers, charterers, local port authorities and all other parties involved to ensure we deliver your business and exceed your expectations. We have a dedicated team whose primary motivation is to deliver all your shipping in all its form.

The ship Agency services we provide include:

  • Liner operators
  • Support and service vessels
  • Project vessels
  • Tramp vessels
  • General cargo
  • Bulk vessels handling

Within the Maritime industry in Nigeria there are many conflicts of interests between owners and agencies. As an independent company, SMLS can provide an autonomous operation tailored to the needs of the client.

Over the last decade the oil and gas industry has grown immensely with a consequent need for increased professional logistics support operators. SMLS is a specialist logistics operator capable of providing the full range of services needed plus a high level of customer service to the oil service sector. 

We also provide:

  • A database of all major exporters and export commodities in relevant sectors
  • Project/customer leads and general information including summaries of trade and competition performance.
  • After sales customer service, maintaining a close relationship with our (principal and agent) customers to ensure that they maintain brand loyalty, adopting a pro-active approach to managing their problems.

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